Fanny Lindh



Connecting to the world of Tångudden

“It matters what matters we use to think other matters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with; it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, what descriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters what stories make worlds, what worlds make stories.”

[Quote by the British social anthropologist Marilyn Strathern who in her turn gave the quote to Donna Haraway who in her turn gave it to us]

o-o is a project that intends to bring awareness to the worlds within and connect different worlds to one another. The name origins from the phenomena of capillary action. By the three characters [o - o] the project  holds the meaning of this phenomena without bearing the name of it. Capillary action is a phenomena made possible by the intermolecular forces that appears between a liquid and a solid material. The bonds that appear on molecular levels is what makes water rise in tree trunks and allows water to climb upwards and travel against the force of gravity. The name of the project does not have a pronunciation, it intends to symbolise the bond that appears between two different objects and this project focuses on building bonds like these; between me and Tångudden and also between Tångudden and the humans that somehow takes part in the project.

The reason of o-o is all about telling these stories that Donna Haraway talked about. It builds upon my will to find out what kind of designer I could be within the posthuman discourse. I wanted to not make things but make stories that could create bonds. That could tie me to Tångudden and maybe others too.

By using film, photography, language and poetry I set up an environment that opens up for the noticing other perspectives, remembering worlds and highlighting the stories that often are veiled.

Language is one of the human tools used to translate the world around us, and poetry is one way of finding the meaning of a word that has gotten lost somewhere along the way and bringing it back again. It is a way of awakening words and meanings that has fallen asleep and finding those phrases that has become emtpy or lost its origin. It is about putting words and stories back on the map again. It is about learning that we will never fully understand but that the intention of trying can help us in the means of considering other perspectives.

So if I could, I wanted to add a line to Donna Haraways quote which says; it matters what perspectives we bear, to mind other perspectives with.