Fanny Lindh



Gathenhielmska Huset, Gothenburg

Curation by DOMA

This exhibition was part of a commission by the artist duo MASU to perform a reading of the duo’s work between 2012-2020, including curation, design and production of an exhibition and a publication.

in-ut-i is an exhibition that connects MASU's collected works from the period December 2012 to June 2020. At the same time, it is a section from and an insight into DOMA's exploration of the duo's artistic practice. The structure of this exploration is rhizomatic. It has no specific center and the pattern is diffuse rather than clear. DOMA allows each point in the material to create new bonds, both along the way but also within itself. The process has no beginning and no end. It has been going on for some time, but at the same time it restarts at every single point in the material under investigation. Bindings break, change character and change direction. Different formats, media and languages are used and the research is constantly trying to find new, passable paths in interaction with physical, mental, as well as social spatiality and surroundings. The exhibition reflects an exploration through various curatorial tracks where it is partly about placing and presenting MASU's material, as its own points, within DOMA's design processes, but also about different attempts of DOMA to get in, out and into MASU's artistic expression. By positioning themselves inside, outside, adding layers, changing perspectives, DOMA tests what happens to art, integrity and expression when associations and links are linked together into new units. Units that are partly extensions of both MASU's and DOMA's own practices but in the same crank are their own, completely unique points.