Fanny Lindh



Gathenhielmska Huset, Gothenburg

Exhibition by DOMA

What actually exists "for real"?

SCREEN is an exhibition that interrogates notions of truth from both an individual and collective perspective.

The exhibition took place in the garden of Gathenhielmska Huset, where visitors encountered a series of installations and site-specific works. In the tension between the mysterious and the obvious, between what the eye sees and what lies beneath the surface, the garden, installations and observers form rooms for parallel experiences. The exhibition manifests the fragility and elusiveness of reality itself.


HERE / HÄR - it is not over / det är inte över
THERE/DÄR - but we are not going under/ men vi går inte under
NOW / NU - you wish / önska dig
THEN / DÅ - reproduce the past / reproducera det förflutna
THEN / SEDAN - prevent the future / förebygg framtiden
TIME / TID - is space / är rum
SPACE / RUM - is time / är tid